How We Work


The holistic approach of the Trust in poverty reduction which includes development activities and programmes covers various aspects such as health, education, income generation, community organising etc. and that paves ways and scope for effective poverty reduction. The enabling model of the Trust ensures the people’s participation in planning and execution of all the programmes and thereby increases the involvement of the poor in the whole process. The local staffs, with good experience and commitment to work for their own village members, bring in confidence about the Trust in the minds of the villagers. That leads to a good recognition and identity of the Trust among the people, resulting in their active participation in the development programmes.

Women focused development programmes like SHGs, RCH, skill development and income generation receive good response from the community and create a higher impact in empowering the women in the family and society. Working of the Trust exclusively with children in order to eradicate child labour by providing much needed educational environment improves the general quality of education in the area and ensures 100% education for children. The support and guidance from the Board of Trustees encourage the staff and guide the overall growth and development of the Trust in working for the poor in the target areas.


  • Holistic approach for poverty reduction
  • Enabling model
  • Involvement of local field staff
  • Women & children focused programmes
  • Skill development
  • Addressing Child Exploitation issues
  • Involvement of all the stakeholders in the planning and execution of programmes
  • Active guidance and support from the Board of Trust