Promoted two women SHG Federations (with 435 members in 25 SHGs) in Manur, Alangulam and Pappakudi blocks and one (Sivasakthi Women’s Federation comprising 2003 members of 143 SHGs) in Melaneelithanallur block of Tirunelveli district to provide savings and credit facilities for additional income generation of women in those economically most backward areas


  • Promoted the first ever federation for scavengers in Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu to improve their basic human needs and socio-economic status
  • Opened model schools in various villages for motivating the child labourers to pursue education
  • Started supplementary schools for improving the quality of education for the potential drop outs
  • Promoting library movement for extracurricular knowledge gain of younger elements
  • Established Vocational training institutes for skill development of rural, unemployed youth in computer and tailoring courses.
  • Provided training on local governance to panchayat leaders in many panchayats
  • Provided training on HIV/AIDS to rural people and on awareness about RTI Act, SC/ST Atrocities Prevention Act, to the rural youth
  • Identified fallow lands and moved government authorities to provide ownership of those lands to 150 landless agricultural coolies
  • Helped in improving the lands of 100 poor agriculturists, making them eligible for cultivation under a special programme
  • Initiated kitchen garden and organic farming in target areas, benefiting more than 800 families
  • Successfully operated rural ambulance service of the government for 2 years
  • Developed SIVA Cultural Team with 18 members for advocacy programmes on various aspects
  • Got individual land user rights to around 3000 tribals in Tamil Nadu till now through the Tamil Nadu People’s Forum for Land Rights (TPFLR) programme supported by HEKS – EPER, Switzerland
  • Developing market linkages to those tribal farmers so that they get a higher income out of their marketable products
  • Training the hill tribes on Disaster Risk Reduction methods
  • Developing their tribal organisation for self governance

Montoring of TdH-NL’s Revolving Fund Program

  • In December 2017, TdH-NL India Program office commissioned a study to conduct “Monitoring of TdH-NL’s Revolving Fund Program” implemented by SIVA Trust in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu. The Gateway Consultancy, an international development consultancy firm, conducted the study with the following specific objectives:

    • Document the progress of TdH-NL’s Revolving Fund program
    • Assess outcomes & impact of the fund among lives of the beneficiaries
    • Document learnings and impact from case studies of selected beneficiaries

    This report details the progress and outcomes of the Revolving fund, along with case studies of success stories from the field. Besides this, the report also puts forth list of recommendations and suggestions to improve the efficiency of the current processes and systems, accelerate the project and further deepen its impact.

    Download and read the full report here – SIVA Trust RF Monitoring Report.