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To meet the objectives of the Trust, various programmes have been designed and are being implemented with a view to improve the socio-economic status and health aspects of the poor families besides facilitating quality education for children in Tirunelveli district. The broader programme areas of the Trust are given below:

  • Women empowerment and income generation
  • Health care services for women and child
  • Quality education for children
  • Skill development for youth
  • Prevention of child exploitation and protection of child rights

Women empowerment and microfinance

SIVA Trust provides scope and access to credit and trainings on income generation. We promote Self Help Groups (SHGs) among the poor women to improve their socio-economic status and thereby ensure continued income sources and also increase the decision making power of the women in the family. Currently it is being run with revolving fund assistance from Terre des Hommes, Netherlands in Melaneelithanallur block of Tirunelveli district.

Read case studies potraying the impact of our microfinance programs in the lives of poor women here.

Health care services for women and child

The Trust initiated minimum needed health care services for the women and children in the working areas of the Trust. The healthcare programmes of the Trust includes Reproductive Child Health (RCH) programme, medical camps in the villages for regular check-up of the poor families to assess and review the health status of the targeted people and bringing an overall improvement in the rural health status. It also conducted periodic medical check-ups for the children under its care.

Skill development for youth

Skill development through vocational training has also been taken up for providing technical trainings in areas like computer, tailoring etc. This kind of technical education encourages the youth in the working area to take up income generation activities and ensures a decent livelihood for their families.

We recently opened a computer training centre for youths. Read more…

Special Programs for Children

Child rights protection


Child labour is one of the major development issues prevailing in the under developed rural areas and keeping that in view, the Trust engages actively in prevention and eradication of child labour through various activities such as awareness generation, counselling, campaigning and also carries out advocacy on child protection and child rights.

Quality education for children


We initiated model school, supplementary schools and pre-primary schools providing and ensuring education for dropouts and child labourers. We seek to improve the quality of education by promoting remedial school for the child labourers and in the evening time, supplementary schools for school going children in the villages.

Support children and persons with disabilities

The Trust empowers the target PwDs to become active and productive members of their communities. We distribute assistive devices, provide medical therapy and rehabilitation services and facilitate access to secondary/ tertiary care. We also provide special education for the disabled children and equip the disabled youth/ adults with appropriate skill development and vocational training. We also facilitate access to government entitlements and schemes for the PwD.

You can donate to our cause to support and empower persons with disability. Visit our project here on GlobalGiving.


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